Chip Art was incorporated on April 1, 1998 (no fooling). The first choice in a company name was I.C. Layout, but could not have it since there is a company in California called I See Layout. Chip Art was the next choice in picking a company name that helps people know what we're in business for.

Many semiconductor companies hire layout design consultants, also known as contract workers, to add resources when needed during the development of their products. It is becoming more and more common for these companies to require layout contractors to work through a temporary employment agency. The reason is the IRS wants people to be employees, and when a contract worker is working for one company too long the IRS wants to see them hired as an employee.

Not only are the temporary employment agencies providing some legal protection to semiconductor companies, they provide some benefits to layout contractors. They are charging 15% - 20% on top of the going layout contractor rates, and that's a lot. Most of these temporary employment agencies do not place workers, nor do they understand how the job is performed.

Chip Art can provide the same legal protection as a temporary employment agency, and much more. Providing top quality layout services, and understanding the demands of deep sub-micron deisgn and EDA tools. For more information

Chip Art is a design consulting firm, where I.C. layout is done.